A Police Offence

    Mona was a resident doctor under training when she witnessed a police offence. One afternoon when she was attending the patients in the emergency department ward she heard a loud voice. She turned her face and saw her colleague shouting to a young police officer with two soldiers. She did not want to interfere and continued her work. The next moment she saw him on the ground and the two soldiers were hitting him. Apparently the young police officer ordered them to knock the doctor down in front of all the patients.
    Mona did not imagine that she could save him. She was alone in the ward with no other doctors, nurses, servants or workers around her so the first thing she thought of was to call her male colleagues. She harried to the nearest colleague in the next department and found him dressing a diabetic foot. She waited few minutes until he nearly finished then she told him. He harried with her back to support their colleague but the police men were already gone.
    When the news spread out in the hospital all the resident doctors under training gathered together in front of the director’s office to protest. They remained there for a long time until a government investigator came late at night and recorded their testimony. All the patients in the ward denied seeing anything as they were afraid that the police man would hurt them. Mona was the only one who witnessed the events in the investigations.
    Mona’s colleagues blamed her because she did not move fast and she did not interfere to save the doctor. While they were standing outside the director’s office they were angry and shouted loudly. Mona was angry too and spoke in a loud voice to protest. Suddenly a nearby colleague wondered whether she can talk. She was well known among her colleagues by the one who cannot talk.
    The doctor stayed in the same hospital under observation as he got few bruises on his body. They all visited him with presents and flowers. He was short, thin and rich and his family supported him. They heard that the young officer was punished by the police administrators and was moved to another area. Her colleagues enjoyed following his news to take their revenge. No one asked Mona to witness in the court as there was no trial.
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