Best Friend

    Heba’s best friend was Lolo. They were friends for almost six years. Heba saw Lolo for the first time when Lolo moved to her town with her family. They were always together from school. Lolo was tall, athletic and funny. They enjoyed riding bikes, visiting each other and going to the club or anywhere else together. They trained with the athletic sports, swam and played tennis together. Lolo tried hard to convince Heba to play basketball again with her but she refused.
    Lolo’s family had good relations with their neighbors and always had visitors. She and her sisters used to oriental dance on family occasions. She worked as a model and tried to be a tour guide. Although she was new in the club, she met many young men from the club. Heba always felt that she was following Lolo.
    When Heba visited her uncle in Germany Lolo visited her own uncle at the same time. She called her from there on her uncle house. Heba could not believe that she also was in Germany. She was happy to hear her voice while she was abroad and they talked together for a long time.
    At the end of the school exams Lolo failed in the final exam while Heba gained high marks and joined the faculty of medicine. Lolo’s family was very upset from her and they criticized her severely. She succeeded in the second year but with low marks then she joined the faculty of sports. She represented her country in athletic sports in the Arabian campaign in Lebanon.
    After Heba joined the faculty of medicine Lolo began to criticize her cousin several times in front of her. She accused her of  having no seemliness and cannot cook, so no one would like to marry her. Heba has discovered after many years that Lolo meant her indirectly. She also laughed at Heba in several occasions and hurt her by telling her other people’s bad opinion of her.
    In spite of this Heba continued to see her because she needed her as a friend and she thought that she was only jealous. Then, once Lolo’s father made a joke of Heba by imitating her behind her back. When Heba heard them laughing loudly at her she could not enter Lolo’s house again and their friendship was ended. Lolo tried to persuade her to be friends again but Heba could not. She discovered for the first time that she should have separated from Lolo when she failed in the exam.
    Later on they met occasionally several times in the club and sat and talked together. Lolo got acquainted to a handsome young doctor who wanted to marry her but she chose an accountant from a famous athletic family. He worked in an oil company and earned a good salary. They got married and they had two children.
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