Cheating Once

    Have you ever cheated before? Mei has cheated once in order to win a golden medal but this changed her life.
    When Mei was 10 years old she was the tallest pupil in her class so the teacher used her to write the lessons on the blackboard. Later on she asked Mei to calculate the pupils’ marks every month. At the end of each year their school used to build a large stage for the school party where the pupils play, sing and dance. At the end of the party the headmaster gave golden medals to the pioneers. Mei’s sister won a medal the year before so Mei wanted to gain a medal just like her sister.
    Mei watched her marks in the records and noticed that if she increases her total marks by only 10 she will gain a golden medal. There was another pupil who had the same mark and she was her neighbor. Mei thought that the school administrator will give golden medals to both of them. Her best friend watched her while she was changing her marks. Later on the teacher discovered her cheating but she denied everything.
    Mei’s mother attended the party to watch her while she was honored. Mei saw her neighbor crying to her father because she did not take her medal in the party. Mei felt guilty because her neighbor was the one who ought to be honored and not her. On their way home she told her mother everything. Her mother told her that it was better for her to study hard to win the medal instead of cheating. Mei was ashamed of herself.
    There were still two months for revisions before the final exams. Mei’s father advised her to stay at home for studying. After studying all the lessons he advised her to take the previous exams. There were more than fifty exams in the assistant books for each subject. He told her to take five exams every day, one for each subject, but she did more. Mei has finished practice all the exams two weeks before the final exam. Her father could not believe it and he advised her to do them again.
    After the exams Mei went with her neighbor to know their results. As soon as they entered the school hall, the headmaster called Mei and congratulated her because she was the pioneer of the school and the whole region. It was a surprise for Mei because she never dreamed of that. The teacher who discovered her cheating congratulated her too.
    Later on Mei saw the world through different perspective. Their pioneer who used to win the golden medal of their class each year was the fifth pioneer of the school. Mei began to see him as a normal person who is not smarter than her. She studied only two months to be more clever than him. If she had studied hard before she could have won the golden medal of the class each year. She could not speak again to the girl who watched her while she was cheating.
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