Favorite Spot

    Sara’s favorite spot is on her roof. When she was young she spent hours in the afternoon sitting on the broad fence of the stairs and watching the beautiful scene; the Nile is on the left with the boats  sailing and the palm trees of the other bank; the huge trees which line the canal are on the right; the yellow mountain and the moving train in the back; the pyramids, the citadel, the Giza tower and the top of the trees in the front; the blue sky above, she never gets bored of it.
    After many months, Sara changed her view and saw a young man on the roof of the nearby building watching her. She looked the other way and saw another young man on the roof of the other nearby building. She was surprised because she never noticed them before. She acted as if she saw nothing and continued to watch the beautiful scene. Later on, she felt that she was watched and she stopped going upstairs in the afternoon and preferred to go at night.
    People upstairs were always complaining from the noise of their steps on the roof, so Sara tried not to bother them. She stepped lightly on the stairs on her toes and bent in front of their door window in order not to let them see her. In spite of all these precautions, her neighbor always knew that she was on the roof and she opened the door and called her name. Sara always wondered how she could know.
    Many years later she finally knew. Her neighbor’s favorite spot was sitting in the balcony where she could see the roof of the other building. Whenever she saw the young man on the roof, she thought that Sara was on the roof too and she opened the door and called her to confirm her thoughts.
    One of Sara’s friends in the preparatory school was living in a nearby street. She had just emigrated with her family from Port Said during the 1967 War, so their house contained only few pieces of furniture. Sara thought that it would be better to go with her upstairs to her neighbor’s roof whenever she visited her to enjoy the scene.
    There was a young man living in a room on her roof but they never met him as he was always out. Her neighbor’s mother thought that it was impolite to go upstairs and she offered her help to Sara’s mother to educate her. Sara did not understand why she offered to educate her except after many years.
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