Multiple Scars

    After Aya finished her oral exam she was searching for something when a colleague came to her and asked her what she is looking for. He offered his help and they introduced themselves to each other. He was in the same group with her but she never recognized him before. He was too fat with long curly hair and a funky careless style.
    When Aya failed in the exam she decided to forget everything and to attend the lectures with the next year students as if nothing happened. It was a very hard time for her and she needed a true friend beside her. Suddenly the fat guy appeared again but she hardly recognized him. He has lost nearly half of his weight, cut his hair, and wore suitable nice clothes. He introduced her to his group of friends and they spent most of the time together. She noticed that he had multiple burn scars on his scalp.
    A few weeks later he invited her to the college cafe with one of his friends. There he showed her poems that he had written about someone whom he loved and she discovered that he loves her. Aya never thought about him except as a friend so she acted as if she knew nothing. Later on he changed completely.
    They were always going home together as he lived in the same town where she lived. After he showed her the poems he acted in front of all their colleagues as if she was chasing him and he wanted to get rid of her. At their way home he used to stand with one group of colleagues and then to move to another group. When Aya followed him to the new group he left it to another group and so on.
    Aya did not understand at the beginning what he was trying to do until one colleague whom she did not meet before told her that if he was in her shoes he would leave him and go home alone. She could not believe him, but he was right so she went home alone but she continued to attend the lectures with her friend and his group.
    The next day her friend solved the problem in another way. He took her to the scouting group and introduced her to his friends there and told her that it’s better for her to join this group. He then left her and went away and she did not see him again.
    Aya found that the scouting group was interesting so she continued to see them every day and stopped attending the lectures. After a few years he tried to talk to her several times but she refused. She needed a true friend in her hardest times but he made a joke of her in front of all their colleagues so she did not want to talk to him anymore.
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