Single Women

    Do you refuse marriage? I suggest that you should discuss this matter with a single woman.
    Marriage is socially accepted although it has its drawbacks. Married women serve their husbands and kids 24 hours a day so they are always exhausted and tired. Husbands refuse to help their wives because they consider children and household activities are the responsibilities of women. Husbands always blame their wives that they cannot organize their time. Husbands are always complaining that their wives are busy and are neglecting them.
    Wives usually complain that they are not free and are controlled by their husbands. They feel sorry because they abandoned their career and worked as a maid in order to have a family. Wives are responsible for taking care of children in nearly everything. Wives are also responsible for family planning because men refuse to take part in it. Men use condoms only when they meet other women but not with their wives.
    If you are married your husband will expect you to follow him wherever he goes, but he will take money from you if he travels with you. If you are working he will expect you to share in the house’s expenses but he will never share house duties with you. He will refuse to share the salary of a maid because this is your responsibility. He will expect you to forgive him if he meets other women but he will never forgive you if you do. He and your family will blame only you if he meets other women.
    On the other hand single women are more free and less exhausted. They look younger and prettier as they have much time to take care of themselves. They are more organized and can succeed in their work and save a lot of money yet they are socially rejected and considered a shame. People will blame only you and consider your rejection of proposed men is the main cause of being unmarried.
    If you are a single woman your family will be sorry for you most of your life. They will pray for you to get married even if you are above sixty. They will tell everyone that you are refusing marriage in order to continue your studies. They will complain to others that you have rejected many suitable proposals and that you are too demanding. They will always remind you with all the good men you have rejected.
    If you are a single woman most of your married friends will end their friendship with you thinking that you might steal their husbands. They will be afraid of your envy eyes if you visit their houses or even talk to their children. They will complain from their husbands and kids in front of you all the time. They will look sorry for you as if you are a handicapped person. They will touch your back to encourage you or they will ask you “are you sure you are fine?” whenever you meet.
    If you are a single woman most men will consider you as available. Young low social standard men as workers, taxi drivers, divers, captains or men who are working in real state will think of you as a possible wife only to give them money. Young and middle aged high standard men will think of you as a girl friend only to relief their tension. Married men at your age will accept to marry you as a second or secret wife only if you cost them nothing. Old rich men will dream to marry you. Your best option will be divorced or widower men with kids.
    If you are a single woman you will hate weddings, baby showers, wedding dresses, wedding articles in the magazines, and anything that might remind you of marriage. You will hate meeting your neighbors, cousins, colleagues or even your sister with or without their husbands and kids. You will hate married women who complain all the time. You will avoid parties, traveling with families during vacations and crowded places. Your worst times will be the feasts where families gather and celebrate together.
    If you are a single woman you will hate people who insist to call you “Miss” only to bother you. You will hate people who ask you how come you did not get married until now. You will hide your ring finger in the train or you will wear a golden ring. You will feel upset and sorry for yourself if any one man proposes to you. You will ask yourself hundreds of times whether you were right when you rejected this man or not.
    As you can see you are blamed all the time whether you are married or not so try to think of marriage as a socially accepted mission or duty. Choose a cooperative, helpful and understanding guy to be your husband. Study his family carefully and observe his role and behavior with them. Discuss everything with him before marriage and notice his point of view about your family.
    After marriage try to share everything with him from the beginning and let him share everything with you. Do not allow him to depend totally on you and let him depend on himself. Try to spend free time together every week as if you are not married. Try to talk with him about anything that bothers you and ask him how to solve problems.
    Try to raise your children to be independent. Let them help in the household activities and family plans from their early childhood. Everyone in the family should serve their selves and should have a special role in household activities. Refuse to be your own family maid, waitress, or cooker. The father is always a model for his children so do not ignore his role. Male children always follow their father’s steps.
    Do not ignore your health, your appearance, your hobbies, your friends, your ambition or your career. A happy wife and mother means a happy family. Use servants if you can afford them or ask your family for help if you need.
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