The Faraway City

    When Soha was in the first part exam of the master degree there were two resident doctors attending the exam with her. At the end of the last exam and while they were standing together one of them made an excuse to leave and walked away. She thought that he was giving the other doctor the chance to talk with her alone and she discovered that the other doctor was interested in her. He was three years younger than her, working in a small city far away from her town. He was not her favorite type. She did not like to leave her town and she found that he was not suitable for her so she forgot about him.
    After Soha finished the first part she had to attend the lectures and the hospital to complete the second part of the master degree. They had to meet nearly every day in the hospital but they rarely talked together. He was enraged most of the time and he insulted her several times in front of the students, workers, nurses and colleagues. She could not defend herself and as a result she became well known in the hospital by the one who loves this doctor.
     In spite of this, Soha began to think of him as a possible husband and she tried hard to absorb his rage, but she could not. Later on he got a scholarship abroad and she got his address from his family. She started to write letters to him every day, then every week, then every month for almost one and half years. Finally she stopped writing. He did not reply to any of her letters.
    Suddenly in the first day of her clinical exam she found him in front of her. He came to greet her with a big smile on his face and she noticed that he gained a lot of weight. She replied to his greeting but she felt deeply sad so she could not speak to him. In the following days he did not try to talk to her again. Soha was surprised because she absorbed his rage for more than a year and wrote to him for almost one and half year but he did not try to know why she is sad.
     After six months, Soha saw him in the next exam. He had lost his excess weight and he was starring at her from far away waiting for her to talk with him. After another six months he lost half of his weight, she hardly recognized him. He stood in front of her only to show her his wedding ring. She did not love him but she only liked to be loved. If she loved him truly, she would have loved to move to his far away small city and to travel with him anywhere, but she hated to do so. She only saw him as a friend to write to and not a husband to be with.
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