The Group Therapy

    Salwa never dreamed to be a doctor and she always saw herself as a scientist or a science teacher. When she got high marks in the secondary school her family tried to convince her to join the faculty of medicine. They told her that the first year was the same in the two faculties and that she can transfer later on. She joined the university with Menna who was a classmate from school. They also attended private mathematics lessons together.
    After two weeks in college Menna met a colleague who later became her husband. He had also a male friend and the four of them spent the first year of collage together. His friend was funny and joked most of the time but Salwa never thought of him as a husband. She saw him as weak, superficial, childish, and silly.
    At college Salwa began to see her defects at the first time. She was isolated and shy. She rarely spoke, she could not behave probably, and always made mistakes. On the other hand, her friend Menna was sociable, friendly, and in love. Menna succeeded to choose an excellent husband very rapidly and to make a group of friends. Salwa became stressed and felt that she was abnormal or a failure. At the same time, she had to make the most important decision whether to transfer to the faculty of science or not.
    Salwa’s mother noticed that she was anxious and found that it would be better to seek medical advice. They went to a famous psychiatrist who referred Salwa to group therapy sessions in his clinic. She attended the sessions weekly with about ten other patients. Their supervisors were a young female psychiatrist and a male psychologist.
    In each session the supervisors chose two patients to speak with them. They tried to let them speak about their complaints and to express their feelings. Then they open a free discussion and ask other patients to focus on the two patients. Most of the patients were young and had problems in communications and how to express themselves.
    Then a young man started to attend the sessions and to help the patients. The patients thought at first that he was a supervisor but later on they knew that he was a previous patient who suffered from depression. He attended the sessions as a part of his treatment to get rid of his dark thoughts and to give him the feeling that he can help others. He tried hard to help them and they all liked him.
    Salwa started to think of him and apparently he liked her too. She was a teenager and he was thirteen years older than her and worked as a lecturer at the institute of theater. One day he brought his certificates to show them to her with a picture of his mother. Salwa recognized her as a secondary actress who acted in many famous old films.
    He noticed that Salwa was from a traditional conservative family and he thought that her family would never agree to be related to an actress. As a result he stopped attending the sessions but she did not know why. She visited him in his institute and he acted as if he was a bad guy only to let her forget him but she could not believe him. He offered to show her his house but she refused.
    Finally he gave her a ride to the station and asked her not to think of him because he could not marry except after two years. Thereafter she stopped attending the sessions and she failed in the exam.
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