The Hardest Decision

    When Samer’s brother threw her book from the window she had to take the hardest decision in her life. She had to confront him for the first time to force him to respect her and not to bother her anymore. He always thought that she is naive and stupid because she is easy going and kind. She knew that he could never throw her older sister’s book because he respects her. She discovered that her sister was right and that she should follow her steps.
    Samer is the youngest in the family. In their childhood her brother and sister were quarreling nearly every day. This usually ends by her sister crying to their mother. She was the quietest and most peaceful of them. She rarely quarreled or shouted because she never minded anything. For example, whenever they got new tools or toys they chose what they like and gave her what they did not like. She never dared to object.
    After Samer decided to confront her brother, she avoided this as much as she could. She never considered obeying his orders except when she decided to confront him. Actually she was afraid and too cowardly. A few months after she took her hardest decision she had her first chance. He was shouting at her mother as usual while Samer was sitting beside him. She only told her mother that he always gets upset when he had to rent his furnished flat. The next moment she received the strongest slap on her thigh and luckily it did not fracture.
    Samer stood up and took two steps away from him and continued her talk with a low voice. She told him frankly her opinion about him for the first time in her life. She told him that he knows nothing, cannot do anything, cannot even talk properly, overly oyerdat on them in nearly everything and is clever only in pouring his rage on them. Their confrontation ended by pouring a glass of water on her face but she did not even care as long as she told him what she wanted.
    A few months later Samer got her second chance. He tried to visit someone who lives at famous towers in their town but he could not reach them. They were all sitting in the hall and he was shouting as usual. She only wondered how come a man living in the town for forty years cannot reach the famous towers when everyone can see them from far away. Another glass of water was poured on her face but her father defended her and separated them.
    Samer could have never dreamed about what happened next. He became quieter, wiser, and never shouted again. Apparently he was ashamed when he saw himself in their eyes. They all had the same opinion but no one dared to tell him the truth in order not to hurt him. At last he heard it from his youngest and beloved sister.
    Indeed later on he succeeded in making good social relations with his neighbors, porters, real estate workers, and their relatives. He succeeded also in managing his furnished flat alone and his taxes as he was an accountant. Samer was proud that she played an important role in her family.
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