The Head Coach

    Azza always dreamed of playing volleyball so when she had free time she decided to start playing volleyball. She was the first adult woman to play as there were only teenagers in the volleyball yards. She had to learn the basics of playing with children in the volleyball school.
    After two weeks, Azza found the head coach of volleyball waiting for her outside the swimming pool. She realized that he was interested in her. She did not know whether he was married or not and whether he was looking for a woman to marry or just have an affair. She only greeted him and went away. He was tall, with dark skin and looked younger than her in his black dyed hair.
     Later on, he began to treat her in front of other coaches as if she was chasing him. He was talking to her as if he was bored or as if she is bothering him. He never greeted her when he passed by and sometimes he even did not reply when she greeted him. He insisted to call her madam instead of doctor, although he already knew that she has never got married and all the coaches followed him.
    Another school coach bothered Azza so she asked the head coach to let her play with the teams. Although he already knew that the team captain rejected her, he took her to him only to show her that he did not mind. After the team captain rejected her, he took her to another team captain who rejected her also then he told her to return to the volleyball school. Azza felt that she was insulted and that he did not support her because he did not offer to train her in his team.
    When she discovered that all the coaches were rejecting her, she wrote a request to make a women volleyball school. She showed the request to him and she intentionally wrote her age in it. She also gave him her professional card as a gift to his wife only to know whether he was married or not. He took it without saying anything. In spite of this he acted in front of other coaches as if he wanted to get rid of her.
    The club refused to open the women school except when eight women came to pay for the salary of the captain so Azza offered to pay it on her own. Her offer made him angry for several weeks as if she insulted him. He told the school captain to inform her that she should speak to the administrator instead of him whenever she needs anything. This means that she bothered him too much so he did not want to talk to her anymore.
    Azza became angry too because all the captains would learn that he rejected her. As a result, she began to review all his behavior with her. She found that he intentionally treated her badly in front of others and that he became nice only when they were alone. He was caring only for his reputation in the club, but he did not care about hers.
    The club administration agreed to let Azza pay only for a private captain so she wrote a request offering to build a new yard with her own money. She greeted him and delivered the request to the administrator in front of him, but he did not reply and walked away. At that moment, she felt as if she is a bad woman that should be avoided. After he knew about her new offer, he greeted her for the first time for about five months and began to greet her whenever he passed by.
    Then a female supervisor came to work in the yard and she intentionally admired the chief captain in front of her. Azza learned that he would send her to propose. She told her that he was living in a far, crowded and low standard area so Azza got that he wants to live with her and her mother because she could never move to his area. She did not tell her about his age or whether he was married or not, so Azza got foiled that as long as they were hiding these information, he was most probably younger and he was married at least once before.
    In spite of this he wanted to know everything about Azza. He sent the lady to see her clinic and the lady offered to send a helpful servant to her house to know how Azza lives with her mother. She also wanted to know whether Azza have a car or not and she insisted that Azza’s mother should come to sit with her. Azza was bothered because she is adult enough to talk with her directly and she wondered why he did not send the wife of any of the captains whom were members in the club to talk with her instead of this lady.
    At the end Azza found that it was impolite to complain about the chief captain in front of her because every word might spread among workers in the club. She felt uncomfortable so she stopped sitting with her or greeting him and he got that she did not agree to marry him.
    He might have told the lady that Azza was unsuitable for marriage or for him or any of those lies and she did not care as long as she is still playing in the yard. It was better for him and for her not to propose because if she rejected him all the captains would hate her and she might not play again. If they got married people would think that she played volleyball only to marry him and after that she would never play again.
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