The Headmaster

    As a teenager Nada was playing basketball with her sister on the club team. It was the era of mini and micro skirts and they wore extremely short trousers that expose all their thighs while playing. Their mother told them to change their dresses in the dressing room of the club and not to wear the shorts in the street. Her sister followed their mother’s orders but Nada was the one who follows only her mind.
    Nada did not believe that her legs were sexy because she did not like them. Her thighs were thin, her knees had bony protrusions and the hair in her legs were more than one centimeter long. Nada continued to wear the shorts in the street even after she joined the secondary school. This caused her a lot of troubles.
    During the first week in the secondary school Nada sat in the last desk. She used to swing the chairs backwards at home so she swung it also in the class. She did not notice that her thighs were exposed by this movement and she did not get that it was an impolite position because she was accustomed to exposing her thighs in the street. An unmarried teacher noticed her thighs and complained to other teachers.
    A female teacher volunteered to speak to Nada. While they were studying in their books in her class the female teacher approached her and asked her whether her school uniform was too short. Nada replied that she does not think so and that it is a personal matter and nobody should interfere in it. The teacher did not like her opinion and when she found that Nada would not listen to her she decided to complain to the headmaster.
    Their headmaster was well known and had a good reputation in the ministry of education. She was in her last years before retiring and was about to be honored. The pupils never liked her as they thought that she was cruel and stiff. She was fat with an ugly face and she was always shouting at them. She thought that it was the only way for them to obey her.
    Nada was in the yard when the female teacher called her to meet the headmaster. They walked together the long hall while the teacher swung both her arms together to and fro from joy. When Nada entered the headmaster’s office her assistant was sitting with her. The teacher sat in the back and was watching them and she did not speak. A supervisor was sitting at one side and Nada stood in the middle.
    All the three insulted and shouted at Nada with loud voice. Her arms where crossed on her chest and they ordered her to put them down. Her knees were shivering from fear so the supervisor noticed them. Finally, they ordered her not to come to the school again except if her mother came along. She was then dismissed.
    The news spread among the teachers. As a result in the next two weeks every teacher entered the class insulted and shouted at her. Nada had a very hard time only because she told the teacher her opinion. She cried to her mother but her mother also shouted at her because she hated crying and complaints, so Nada had to swallow her feelings alone. She hated the teachers, the headmaster and the school and she thought to burn it down.
    Everything was forgotten after some time but Nada became more isolated and depressed than ever. She enjoyed attending the school library alone and spent a lot of time there but she had no friends. The art teacher noticed that Nada was her best pupil so she admired her work in front of other teachers. Nada refused to participate in the class activities of the female teacher but at the end she started to participate as if nothing happened.
    Later on the headmaster caught Nada’s neighbor in the school hall and ordered her to fix the tail of her school uniform as it was too short. Her neighbor cried while other pupils fixed her school uniform again then she completed her school day as if nothing happened. Nada wondered if  it was not better to fix her school uniform tail instead of insult her?
    A few months later Nada witnessed another example of the headmaster injustice and cruelty. Their school had a big theater with separate stairs and the pupils liked to sit on its white marble stairs and its broad marble fences. One day while Nada was sitting there alone, a male pupil in the nearby school played accordion in front of them. Some nearby pupils from her school requested to play specific songs and they were talking with him and laughing loudly. That was unacceptable to an anonymous  person who complained to the headmaster.
    They were more than twenty pupils when the headmaster came with the school workers and ordered them to come down the stairs and to stand in a row. She asked them who were joking with him? When she received no answer she decided to punish all of them. She hit all of them on their hands with a ruler and most of them did not dare to object or even to speak. Nada learned the hard way to obey in silence.
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