The Nursery

    Marwa’s mother always wanted her children to enter a foreign language school. When they moved to a small town, she sent Marwa with her sister to the Madam Orli School. Madam Orli was an old French lady at the age of retirement. She opened a private school in her villa near the club. She lived in the same villa and there were also a dormitory for pupils from outside the city.
    Marwa joined the nursery at the age of four and the number of pupils in the school was less than one hundred. The nursery was in the balcony of the villa and it was enclosed by glasses. Madam Orli used to visit the nursery every morning. When she noticed that Marwa was good at painting, she took her upstairs and showed her a drawing table and told her that she would use it soon.
    One day while they were at school, they heard a loud explosion bomb. Later on Marwa knew from her parents that a bomb exploded in the nearby post office. At the time of President Gamal Abdel Naser all the letters were opened by special governmental supervisors in the post offices. People used to receive their letters opened and reclosed by a special adhesive. Someone put an explosive powder in the letters and many governmental supervisors were killed in the post offices.
    When Marwa started the first year of the primary school, she found the school empty except for a few pupils. She knew from her parents that Gamal closed all the private schools in the country and that governmental schools were only allowed. They were transferred to another school that was bigger and full of pupils.
    Later on they saw Madam Orli several times in the street riding her bike with a basket in the front for shopping. They greeted her and she remembered them.
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