The Preparatory School

    If you ask Fagr about her best time in school she will tell you that it was in preparatory school. Their new school was just opened when she entered it in the second preparatory year. It was a small villa made for the sister of the previous king which had been taken by the government. It was not the biggest or most beautiful villa in her city but it had many rooms for the servants. Fagr enjoyed experiencing the villa from inside and imagin living in it.
    Their headmaster was friendly and they could talk to her anytime. She cut off four palm trees from the garden in order to make chairs for them but Fagr hated that. She made a celebration in the garden and asked each class to present a play or a song so Fagr designed a dance for two pupils. Fagr made a special group of pupils and they had a natural tent to meet and to make their own rules. She enjoyed making friends and they had a lot of fun.
    Their library was a very small room on the roof with only one cupboard and few books but Fagr found the most interesting book she has ever read there. It dressed how to make children love scientific research. There were many ideas to encourage them to have a laboratory, a telescope, a microscope or to raise strange pets as spiders, mice, or a hedge hog. She made a small library in her school desk that contained a serial of famous translated magazine called “The Digest”.
    Fagr’s father bought a small microscope from abroad as a present for her. She hunted insects and raised spiders and mosquitoes. She dreamed to have a laboratory on the roof and to raise chicken, geese and rabbits. She dreamed also to see the Amazon forests and the tanning birds. Her mother discouraged her attitude and advised her to take care of her appearance and to be like any other girl at her age. Fagr thought that she should be transformed into a boy.
   Fagr met a young boy who had the same scientific interests as her. He saw her while she was taking dirty water from the nearby canal for her mosquitoes and they became friends. He was six years younger than her and his mother was a foreigner. He was also a classmate of her neighbor whom apparently liked him. He visited Fagr at home and saw her spiders. She visited him too and saw his pets.
    When Fagr was in the preparatory school their city was bombed twice in the period after 1967’s war. The pumped military area was many kilometers far away from their school but she felt as if it was in the next building. All the pupils gathered in the first floor and prayed not to be killed. Fagr was the most frightened pupil but she pretended to be the bravest one by standing on a disk while eating her lunch.
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