The Resident Doctor

    After Abeer graduated she had to work for one year as a doctor resident in training. She had to change the department every two months. The first two months of her training were in the emergency section so she had to work with her colleagues in the emergency reception room. Abeer was frightened because it was the first time for her to work and to contact people. She was shy and with no friends or experience in life.
    Her group was a nice one. They were about six residents with only one female doctor called Mie. Abeer was interested in one doctor who apparently liked her too. He was handsome with colored eyes and an average body build. This helped her to relieve the tension of working for the first time. As a group they had a lot of fun together.
     At the end of the first month the group was divided and Abeer chose the same department with the interesting doctor and Mei. Mei was short and very thin with dark brown skin and plain features, so Abeer never thought that he would think of her. She wore expensive clothes and lived in a wealthy area. Mei invited them to her birthday in her house where Abeer saw Mei’s boyfriend.
    They moved to the new department as three friends and this helped them to be better acquainted. Abeer knew that his father died a few years ago and that he was going to open a private clinic with his brother who was a dentist. He also had occasionally worked as a photographer in wedding parties, before so she thought that he was not rich. He had to spend his military service immediately after the resident doctor training.
    Abeer’s family was abroad at that time so she had to remain in the hospital dormitory. She was going to travel to her family for work immediately after finishing the one year training. Her friends knew that she has studied German in the Goethe Institute before so they joined its afternoon classes together. Abeer did not want to join them because she would be in a higher level and they would not attend the same class.
    Abeer was expecting him to propose soon because they would be parted the next month. At the end of the month he told them that his sister fell down and that she came to the hospital for medical care. Abeer thought that she only came to see her. He told them that she was waiting in their car downstairs and asked them to accompany him to greet her. Abeer made an excuse to go upstairs to the dormitory.
    She believed that it was improper for the girl to visit the boy’s family at the first time. She was very sad and she thought that he insulted her, so she refused to go downstairs. She thought that if she refused to go downstairs he would send his sister upstairs to talk to her but he did not. At the end of the day, she went to their department and saw him. He was sad and angry and he told her that his sister went home, then they were parted.
    In the next few months Abeer was in grief and could hardly work. Suddenly, one afternoon while she was dressing the patients she found him in front of her. He came to visit her in her department during her afternoon shift. They walked and sat together and he told her that he had a training with Mei in another teaching hospital and he asked her to visit them. She was astonished at his request and never visited them.
    After Abeer traveled to her family she dropped him out of her mind. She did not want to travel abroad but he disappointed her. She did not realize that they could not get married because he was poor and still had to finish his military service. Her work abroad could help them to get married if they were in touch and he could follow her after he finishes his military service. She only thought that he was the one who should do everything and that she should not help him.
    Three years later Abeer returned home and saw him during her first part of her master degree examination and she knew that he was studying clinical pathology. Six months later she saw him again at her sister’s exam but their father was with them and she did not want to talk to him. Later on they met accidently in the street and walked together. She felt deeply sad and she thought that he was only looking for her money so they were parted without another appointment.
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