The Scouting Group

    When Samira joined the scouting group they represented their college in the yearly universities scouting championship. She was shy and without experience so she thought that the scouting group will help her to contact other students and make friends. They were about fifteen students and she did not know any of them before but there was a popular student among them and her name was Hoda. Hoda was well known by her extensive social work and by getting high marks in the exams without attending the lectures.
    One of the challenges in the scouting championship was to design a special tent. They had to sew the tent so they used girls to do it. While sewing Samira heard Hoda talking about the chief student of the previous camp. She said that he is nice, clever, polite and perfect in everything. Samira had never recognized him before but she started to observe him as if she is seeing him for the first time. She trusted Hoda’s opinion because she was sociable and she can judge people better than her.
    Surprisingly Samira noticed that he likes her. She he was happy but they rarely talked because he had to attend his lectures. He could only stay with them for a short time every day. They needed good scissors during sewing so Samira brought her mother’s expensive scissors from home. After they finished the tent competition she searched for the scissors and found that one of the students took them.
    Samira asked him to bring it back, he denied at the beginning then he told her that he will bring it soon but he never did. Hoda told her that this guy had a bad reputation and that it is better for her to avoid him. Samira did not take her advice into consideration and she insisted that he should bring the scissors back.
    Samira noticed that the chief of the previous camp was avoiding her but she did not know why. While they were going home at the end of the championship she walked beside him with his friend. He asked her about her relation with the bad guy and she told him that he took her scissor and refused to bring it back. He did not seem to believe her and they were parted.
    A few weeks later the college arranged an afternoon party for the scouting group. While Samira was on her way to attend it she met the bad guy in the street and they walked together to the party. She saw the chief of the previous camp at the reception of the party but he completely ignored her and walked away.
    Later on Samira noticed that some male students were starring at her as if she was an available woman. They never did this before. One of the students held her hand for a long period and refused to let it go while they were shaking hands, he never did this before. She noticed also that the bad guy was talking in a bad way about the ” little ant ” who was bothering him. She felt uncomfortable in the scouting group so she stopped going there.
    Apparently, when Samira bothered the bad guy he talked to his friends in a bad way about her as if they had an affair. He tried to convince them by intentionally walking with her to the party. This ruined her reputation in the college and made every one think that she is an available woman. The rumors reached the chief of the previous camp and made the chief change his mind about her. She should have listened to Hoda’s advice and she should have avoided this bad guy.
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