The Staff Member

    During studying the master degree Eiman attended the undergraduate lectures of a nearby university. One day she entered a lecture too late and when she was in the middle of the ward she heard the lecturer asking her who she is. She turned to face him, stood for a moment, could not speak, did not know what to do, and finally burst in the biggest smile. The lecturer understood that he surprised her and that she was a postgraduate and that she was shy so he let her in.
     When she sat down she saw him for the first time. He was much younger than her, short and thin, with glasses and not handsome but her favorite type. Eiman wished at that day that she was an undergraduate student. She did not see him again for more than a year when she went to the university to ask for something. While she was going down stairs, she faced him accidently and on her way home she saw him again driving his car in front of her. The following few days, she felt sad because she liked him.
    After more than a year Eiman had to be trained in an a teaching hospital and she got the agreement to be trained in the nearby university. Surprisingly she found him in the same department where she was being trained and they had to meet nearly every day. He has just returned back from abroad where he completed his high studies and he had been transferred to her department just before she arrived.
    Two months later, the whole hospital already knew that she loves him, not because of her behavior or her facial expressions but because he used to insult her. Eiman paniced and she tried to be transferred to another department but she could not. She asked for advice from a supervising doctor and he advised her to stay and to let everyone thinks what he wants as long as she benefits from training in the hospital.
    There were more than twenty lecturers in her department but none of them attended the wards. He was the only one who attended the rounds and their outpatient clinic shifts, examined their patients, made sonars and took the operative decisions. He prevented her from performing deliveries, operations or attending his rounds so she had only to watch everything. He enjoyed torturing her and she always wondered why and what did she do wrong.
    He had worked with her sister for six months before. Her sister had introduced him to her many years ago when they were attending her master degree thesis deferse but he was too young to recognize him. He might have recognized her when she entered late to his lecture but she did not recognize him.
     Later on, when Eiman knew him better she discovered from his facial expressions that it was not an accident when they met down stairs. He saw her in the hospital and he intentionally waited for her downstairs and he drove his car in front of her. She also saw him while she was preparing for her training and he knew that she would attend this department so he might have been intentionally transferred to it. He liked her from the start and the only one who noticed this was his best friend. They could not marry because of the age difference, so she began to understand his anger.
    Then their professor was changed and the new professor attended the department every day. As a result his role in the department became very limited and he could not bother her except during his shift duties so she stopped attending his shifts. When he found that he could not bother her anymore he thought of getting married. Eiman thought that he might treat her as human being after his marriage, but he did not.
    She was astonished and for the first time she began to see his defects as if she was seeing him naked. He did not only prevent her from practice but he also insulted her and told everyone that she was chasing him. She tolerated him only because she thought that he was angry at her but after he got married he had no more excuses.
    He was not her favorite type as she previously thought because she does not like liars or cruel men. Suddenly, she began to drop him entirely from her mind and to see him as a normal person. Eiman wondered how one could change their mind so quickly.
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