Women Volleyball Team

     Azza always wonders why all club yards are full of teenagers only and why they do not have adult volleyball, basketball, handball or football teams. When her sister returned to work at their private clinic  Azza found that she has much free time so she decided to make a women volleyball team. She had never imagined that she has to fight in order to make this dream true.
     Seven months ago Azza gathered her courage and asked the head coach of volleyball to train her with the sixteen year olds team. They were the oldest players in the volleyball yards. He told her that he was training them for a competition the next day and that he had teams from 8 – 16 years old only. He told her also that if she wants to play she should attend the volleyball school where all beginners learn the basics of volleyball. She then started to play volleyball in the school with children from 5 – 12 years old hopping that this will encourage other women to join her in order to make a women team.
     A few days later Azza noticed that the school captain who is at the age of her son wants to be her boyfriend. When she ignored him he tried to kick her out of the school by intentionally passing useless balls to her. She then asked the head coach to let her play with any of the teams. Later on two other captains rejected her only because of her age and she was forced to return back to the volleyball school. At that day she noticed that the captains were watching her and laughing loudly, they were happy because finally they will get rid of her.
     Knowing that the coaches are against her made Azza realized that there is no place for women in the volleyball yards and that she must find another place to play. So she wrote a request for the chief of sport activities in the club to make a women volleyball team and to allow them to play in the gymnasium. She showed the request to the chief captain of volleyball asking for his advice. She gave him also six of her business cards with the addresses of her private clinic, her free consultation web site and her telephone number offering her services for the wives of all the captains. The supervisor of volleyball who is an old volleyball player and a volunteer from the club members was attending this meeting and he advised her to gather ten signatures from the women’s club and to write another request for a women’s volleyball school, not just a team.
     Azza gathered the signatures and sent the request with six big wall advertisement pictures to the chief of sport activities but in the next two months she made a great effort to hang these pictures or to open the school with no result. She told them that no one knows about women volleyball school and that advertisement will bring women to them. She told them also that no woman will come as long as she is playing with children, she thought she should play alone with a female captain to encourage women to join her. They insisted that at least eight women should be available in order to hang the pictures and open the school. “OK” she said “I will pay the money of the eight women”. The club committee discussed her offer but they agreed to let her pay for private captain’s fees but not for eight women.
     Finally the supervisor told Azza that there will be no women school and that there is no need for a private captain as she can play in the volleyball school for as long as she wishes. This means that she will remain forever with the beginners while they will be transformed to the teams as soon as their performances improve. She was disappointed and went to the chief of sport activities to remove the word “women” from the six wall pictures in order to be able to hang them. Surprisingly he informed her that the club committee agreed at last to open the women’s volleyball school and that she should wait only for few weeks. After a few weeks they refused again to open the school as there were no players except her.
     At last Azza wrote a request to the supervisor of volleyball  to build a new beach volleyball court on the club’s unused basketball court. At this point she decided to build the court and to play alone with a private captain even if no one joined her. Suddenly and surprisingly all the doors were opened for her. The next day they hung the pictures and they allowed her to play alone with the captain. She had to wait another three weeks until the first woman came and the school was opened. They are now six women with another five willing to join them as soon as possible. They were playing in the same volleyball yards where the captains who were laughing at her were training. The coach who wanted to be her boyfriend is now training boys only although she did not complain about him. The club committee refused her offer to build the volleyball court as they had other plans for the old basketball court.
     Azza’s next project is to make volleyball teams for members with Down’s Syndrome and the handicapped. She already started in this project and surprisingly she did not find any computer database in the club members’ record or website address of handicapped and Down syndrome members. Someone advised her to hang a wall advertisement but this will be another story.
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