The Young Man In Black

   When Hager went to the club she noticed that there was a young man in a black shirt and trousers always sitting alone with his back to the front door of the club. He was one year younger than her and a school fellow but they have never talked before. Hager wondered why he was always sitting sad alone and she thought that he has lost his lover or he was separated from her.
    One day Hager was walking in the club with her friend and she noticed that he was walking just in front of them. She told her friend that that man is in love. After a few days, while she was sitting with her family in the club he came with a big smile on his face and sat in a nearby table with a group of his friends. He was talking and laughing loudly and he was staring at her from time to time as if he was interested in her.
    Hager was astonished and she thought maybe someone told him that she was staring at him so he wanted to start a new love story. She was happy and she told her sister about him. They tried to give him the opportunity to talk to Hager but she was too shy to look directly in his eyes. He continued to stare at her from far away then one day he looked angry and suddenly he disappeared.
    Hager was sad and she searched for him in the club but with no result. After few months while she was sitting in the club with her sister he came and sat in the nearby table. He looked angry and nervous and her sister saw the wedding ring in his left hand. Hager was shocked and confused. In time she forgot him.
    Later on Hager remembered that one day a lady came to her while she was running on the track to propose to her brother. Hager thought that may be the young man in black sent his sister to propose. She asked her whether her brother knows her or not and whether he is always coming to the club or not. The lady told her that he probably saw her before and that he rarely comes to the club. Hager thought that she was talking about another man and she refused her offer because she was waiting for the young man in black to propose. When Hager remembered that she thought that maybe that lady was really his sister. She searched for her in the club just to confirm her thoughts but she could not find her.
    Many years later Hager went to a trip with the club members and noticed that one of the ladies was looking to her in a strange way as if she knew something about her. When Hager talked to her she discovered that the lady’s older sister had a pharmacy near to Hager’s clinic. Hager asked her whether she could hire her brother in the pharmacy and the lady told her to speak to her sister directly. Hager visited the pharmacy and noticed that her older sister had also the same look to her as if she knew something about her.
    After many years Hager discovered that the pharmacist had exactly the same features of the young man in black. The youngest sister also looked as if she was the lady who proposed for her brother but Hager could not recognize her because she has put a veil on.
    Putting this together apparently their brother saw Hager in the club and liked her. He tried to attract her attention by wearing black, sitting next to the gate and walking in front of her. When he heard Hager telling her friend that he was in love he wanted to tell her that she was the one whom he loved. He tried to speak to her but she was too shy so he sent his sister to propose. When Hager refused his proposal he became angry, he disappeared, and he got married as quickly as possible. Then he sat on the table next to her just to show her his wedding ring
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